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If you’re a local and thinking “How can I scrap my car in Buckinghamshire?” Then this blog is for you. Whether to send it to an automotive scrap yard or an auto salvage yard  is also an issue for many. Each yard has its own unique characteristics, so knowing which yard to send your car to can increase your earnings. In this article, we will be discussing how you can send your old car to the scrap car collection for scrapping. 
There can be various questions about scrapping your old car. The norms and regulations to scrap a car and where to find help for scrap car collection, etc can be pretty confusing. Also, understanding the difference between automotive salvage yards and automotive scrap yards can be quite confusing as well. In this article, we hope to help you figure out how to look for a good scrap car collection yard and other basic info. Keep reading to learn more.


What are Automobile Salvage Yards?

The automotive salvage yard would be the place to go if you want to buy or sell an entire vehicle. These yards will buy both operating and non-functional autos. Salvage yards typically offer a tow truck to go fetch the automobile (for a fee) if necessary, but if the car is in functioning condition, the owner can merely drive it directly to the lot.

Salvage yards make money by disassembling damaged car parts and selling any functional ones to other clients. Some yards permit visitors to come right in and search for specific parts or pieces. To maximise their revenues, salvage yards can also recycle and reuse any oil, petrol, or antifreeze in the vehicle.

Sell Your Car as a Parts Car

 Whatever its state, a vehicle nearly contains a few parts which can be separated out and sold separately. Someone out there is searching for a specific component for your car but is unable to purchase a new one. It’s up to you to conduct the necessary study to determine whether disassembling the car prior to scrapping it can actually result in a profit. Although it requires a lot of work, it might also be quite rewarding.

What are Automotive Scrap Yards?

Contrary to salvage yards, scrap yards simply deal in scrap metal, frequently ignoring the rest of the wrecked car. Large quantities of metal are bought by scrap yards, who often pay by the weight of the metal they receive. Prices for the most popular metals, including zinc, copper, or aluminium, vary amongst scrap yards. They typically also get scrap metal from broken appliances and frayed wiring in addition to scrap autos. 
After buying a metal object, scrap yards shape it before reselling it to companies that recycle metals. Any remaining metal pieces that cannot be recovered are often sold to scrap yards by automotive salvage yards. You can also check for your car’s scrap value with their help.

Who Should I Call for Scrap Car Collection?

Even if a scrap automobile is no longer in use, it typically still has the majority or all of its original parts. In most cases, owners will get better results by getting in touch with a salvage yard. Salvage yards will examine the complete vehicle and will typically offer a greater price for the vehicle based on its condition and worth.

Only the car’s metal components, which have little worth, are examined by scrap yards. There is no need to contact a salvage yard if the junk car is down to its frame. It will probably wind up in a junkyard anyhow.

However, both of these places offer doorstep pick-up. They provide these services for collection of scrap cars as a part of the customer experience. Thus, whichever you see fit for your old vehicle, you can contact them and also learn about scrap car collection policies in your locality.

How do I Check for My Car’s Scrap Value?

Having a good understanding of the current market value of your car is crucial. It can help you decide whether the cashyou receive from scrap yards is worthwhile. These are the 3 important things to think about:

Condition of your Vehicle

Vehicles with extreme warping and rusting are worth less. The more components they can disassemble and sell, the more money you’ll make. If not, you will only be paid for the weight of the metal.


Your car’s make, model & year

Your car’s current market worth depends on the make, model and the year. The value will rise if there are parts that can be salvaged. As you can sell the components to fix other automobiles, common cars will be worth more money. 

You can request extra if there is a significant demand for the components. The price of the car, however, may also rise if it is a rare and sought-after vehicle. The amount of components the car provides also depends on its year, manufacture, and model. There may be less steel or aluminium in some variants. Your car’s value may decline if it uses more eco-friendly polymers.


Your car’s make, model & year

The prices of the scrap metals keep changing from time to time. Moreover, for cars that are not salvageable and can only go by the weight of their metal, these prices are important. Thus, make sure to check for the current scrap metal prices as well. 


To sum up, there’s various ways to go by the subject if you’re wondering “How can I scrap my car in Buckinghamshire?”. As a local, if you have scrap car collection issues, then Slough car scrap yard is just the place for you. Finally, we hope this article helped you understand the basics about car scrappage and salvaging. Visit our website to learn more.

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