How Scrap Cars Can Help You Make Money

How Scrap Cars Can Help You Make Money

Every vehicle has a point of no return, where it changes from a convenience that can stay on the road to a problem that needs to be removed from your life. It is the time for you to decide how you want to move forward.

For most people, calling the junkyard or the scrap steel collectors would be the next step.

Though, be sure you understand how scrap cars are valued before making the decision, even though it is the proper one. This guide will show you how to sell your old car for cash and also consider any other way to make money from an old vehicle. Stay tuned.

What can I do with an Old Car?

 You have two choices when deciding what to do next when you have an unusable vehicle. Each person has a unique car and different options they can have according to it. So to help you make your decision based on your own objectives and circumstances, lets explore your options:

Sell Your Car as a Parts Car

 Whatever its state, a vehicle nearly contains a few parts which can be separated out and sold separately. Someone out there is searching for a specific component for your car but is unable to purchase a new one. It’s up to you to conduct the necessary study to determine whether disassembling the car prior to scrapping it can actually result in a profit. Although it requires a lot of work, it might also be quite rewarding.

Scrap Your Car

If there’s nothing else you can do with your old car, then you should consider scrapping it. If your car can’t fetch a price anywhere else, it can at least bring you a few hundred quids in scrap.

The steel scrap collectors or commonly known as the junkyard are the best at their jobs. Cars are wanted for scrap in just about every junkyard because of the various components they contain which makes for good recyclable materials.

Benefits of Scrapping your old vehicle


Avoid the sales hassle

 It’s pretty simple to understand when your car is ready to be scrapped. Therefore, you won’t have to worry yourself with looking for another home for it. You can just call up your nearby scrap steel collectors and have them take it away.

Pick-up Service

 Most scrap companies will come to your place to pick up your vehicle as it’s a part of the service. It’s also free of cost, so your car won’t give you trouble even when you’re parting ways with it.

Quick Cash

When you arrange the pick up with them, the scrappers pay you there and then. After your car’s valuation process, they make the settlement there itself. Different parts have different values in a scrap car, and the value of your car is determined upon that same factor.

How to Scrap a Car?

  1. Speak with different scrap businesses to determine your eligibility.

 You can search for different companies, and see which one you think would be able to help you with your car better.

  1. Evaluate costs and accept an offer.

Once you’ve picked the right place that you wish to send your car to, have them draw up some costs and valuation. You can negotiate over quotes and accept an offer if it suits you.

  1. Arrange for a pickup.

As mentioned earlier, various companies provide pick-up services. Therefore, all you have to do is wait for them to come pick it up.

  1. Transfer documents.

You can then proceed to sort the paperwork out for the car during the handover.

  1. Take payment in cash for your vehicle.

All that remains after the paperwork is receiving the payment and saying your goodbyes to your old vehicles.

How to prepare your old vehicle for scrap

 There is an appropriate process you must follow before you send your car off for scrap. Here’s some quick tips on what you need to do before you send your car off:

Get your paperwork in order

You will have to transfer the ownership to the junkyard when you hand over your vehicle to them for scrap. Thus, you will have to have all the appropriate documents like your vehicle’s title, etc with you.

Remove the licence plates

Make sure to take the licence plates off of your vehicle before you send it away.

Remove your personal belongings

 Make sure to check for any personal belongings in the vehicle’s compartments, etc. and remove them before the send-off.


To summarise, there are many things to consider and take care of when deciding the future of your old vehicle. Therefore, before you decide to act on the “Cars Wanted For Scrap” ad while on a morning stroll, evaluate your options. We at Slough Scrap Metals, one of the most reputed among the scrap steel collectors, can help you with all of your scrappage concerns. If you’re looking to learn more about how scrap cars can help you earn a quick buck, visit our website

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