Who Collects Cars For Scrap Metal Near Me?

There are various dealers who collect cars for scrap metals and also provide free scrap collection services. In a nutshell, scrap metal is made up of discarded or waste metal and any product that contains metal that is recyclable. Scrap can fetch great prices when it comes to recycling. Vehicle parts, building supplies or surplus project materials hold great value.

You can easily get scrap metal from commercial and residential use. The key is to recycle and recreate newer products after treating the previous metal products. In salvageable cars, you can sell various parts separately to salvage or scrap yards as well. In this article, we will help you find answers to questions like “Who collects cars for scrap metal near me?” and other scrappage basics. Keep reading to learn more.


Which Car Parts Can Fetch A Good Price?

Many people are still unaware of the possible earnings through recycling their car. Scrap facilities and junkyards are still only popular as a place for people seeking a workaround or wanting to use the region as a place to dump their old cars. Here’s a few examples of parts that can help you make the most out of your old car before sending it for scrap:


1.Air Bags:

Airbags are in extremely high demand. You may understand the market when you multiply the amount of air bags salvaged from accident write-offs by the legal obligation of two air bags per car.

2.Car A/c:

In general, most components from an air conditioner are quite valuable. The most expensive component to replace, frequently costing well into the hundreds, is the compressor. Particularly filters & condensers can be purchased and installed for upwards of £100.


3.Catalytic Converter

Catalytic converters are indeed a high-value salvage automotive component and frequently the reason for many motor thefts in the UK. The exhaust pipe both behind and in front of a converter must be taken apart in order to remove a converter from a vehicle. With over 4,000 different vehicles catalytic converter models available, these components are highly sought-after.


4.GPS & Stereo

A navigation and sound system is among the most expensive recyclable auto parts. Portable GPS systems that are left exposed in numerous automobiles are frequently targeted by thieves since they are frequently sold illegally mostly on black market for high prices.

The above mentioned parts indeed fetch a decent quid when you go to a decent and registered scrap dealer. Make sure to check for the said parts before sending your old vehicle away. You can even discuss this with the dealer and check whether they offer free scrap collection as well.


Who Collects Cars For Scrap Metals Near Me?

Generally, automotive salvage yards or automotive scrap yards collect cars for their parts and scrap metals. They have to fulfil the requirement of registering with the government and to be compliant with various regulations as well. These yards collect cars and scrap and recycle them for their metal which can be brass, aluminium, copper, etc. Before starting the recycling process, they check for ferrous and non-ferrous metals with a magnet. Non-ferrous metals hold the most value such as copper and zinc, etc.

These yards have systematic processes and are compliant to recycling policies as well. Moreover, to help citizens recycle more, these yards are locally available near many neighbourhoods as well. Some of these yards even offer free scrap collection services to encourage people to recycle more. You can simply search “sell cars for scrap metal near me” or something similar and you can find a car scrap or salvage yard fit for your needs.


Do I Sell My Car In Parts Or Scrap As A Whole?

If your car is whole rather than missing pieces, it will be worth more. You can earn the best prices if your car still has its original parts intact. It’s ideal to sell your vehicle completely whenever possible because dealers will normally deduct value for each component missing from your junk vehicle from your final payment.

The amount you can earn for your junk car can vary significantly if critical components are missing. Thus, before you wreck your entire car, make sure to look for any parts that are still in good condition and sell them separately.



To sum up, it’s better to check your old vehicle thoroughly before you send it away for recycling. Junkyards and scrap car collections are popular for their other services except for just as a dumping ground for junk cars. Thus, if you wish to fully understand the scrappage subject and make the most out of your scrap metal recycling, check out Slough Scrap. Visit our website to learn more.

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