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If you want to recycle your old car but you’re wondering “Who can scrap my car in Slough?” You’ve landed on the right blog. You may feel unsure about what you should do with an old vehicle if it has become less safe to drive. It’s difficult to determine when you need to eventually give up on your old vehicle and scrap it. Instead of repairing it every time after it breaks down can get expensive for you as well. Usually you’d consider scrapping your car whenever it shows significant wear and tear that goes beyond regular substitute parts.

Letting go of your old junk car for recycling is a wonderful choice if you’ve had trouble finding a buyer. Even more so when the expense of maintenance is about to exceed the cost of purchasing new. Though it may seem exhausting to get rid of an old car, it may prove to be useful if handled properly. Thus in this blog, we’ll learn how to make cash for cars that need scrapping and appropriate vehicle disposal.

How can I scrap my car in Slough?

  1. The first thing to do is look for an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF). An ATF is a place that is registered with the government. They comply with the regulations set for treating scrap materials like vehicle disposal, household scrap metal treatment, etc. Among the most significant regulatory requirements related to car recycling is that you must use a licensed company to do so. Otherwise, you could face legal consequences. Statutory bodies such as the Environmental Agency are responsible for issuing ATF licences.
  2. After you negotiate the scrap value of your old car with your preferred yard, you can arrange for a skip. Many junk yards provide scrap car removal services in local areas. Thus, you may be able to take advantage of that and arrange for your scrap car’s pick up from your doorstep. Once the scrap car removal services pick your car up, they’ll take it to the yard of your preference. After the car reaches the yard, the recycling process begins.
  3. Acquire the certificate of destruction. You will receive this certification within seven days after your preferred ATF agrees to recycle your car. This merely serves as your documentation that you turned the car over and that you are not responsible for its fate after that.
  4. Check with the ATF for any additional documents that you may need to file with the local authorities as well. This can be regarding V5C vehicle registration form,for the DVLA insurance write-offs, personalised licence plates, etc. Remember, you can always ask questions and make sure that you’re not missing out on any vital steps.

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How do I earn Cash for Cars that need Recycling?

Selling a used car for scrap is much simpler than many people imagine. But you must never trade it for money. This is because since 2013 it has been against the law to sell any form of scrap metal for cash. So, even if you have done that in the past, you shouldn’t do it now.

The majority of metal recycling vendors no longer accept cash, and those that still do are violating regulations. This does not, however, imply that if you need money quickly, you would have to wait a long time for the cheque to come through. Nowadays it is much easier to make transfers electronically. Thus, when you hire a vehicle disposal service to recycle your old car, you can instantly receive your trade-in money. This is by far the most effective way to earn cash for cars that need to be scrapped.

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Tips for Vehicle Disposal

  • Make sure to keep any modified parts such as gps, spoilers,etc which you can sell separately. Be sure to notify the DVLA by sending them a Statutory Off Road Notification. This lets them know that the car will go under decommissioning and recycling process and will no longer be under use. Many yards will gladly take in a partially stripped vehicle, just ensure that you send the ‘Notification of sale or transfer’ section of your logbook to the DVLA.
  • Check for belongings before you hand over your car to the scrap car removal services. Look into the glove-compartment, seats, panels, etc to make sure that they’re clear.
  • Make sure to clear out any doubts and queries at every step of the way. This can save you from any scrutiny that you may face in case any irregularities arise.
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To summarise, recycling cars is now much easier because of ATFs like us at Slough Scrap. We can help you ease your documentation and filing processes along with services like vehicle evaluation. The answer to the initial question “Who can scrap my car in Slough?” is Slough Scrap Metals. We’ve got you covered when you wish to dispose of your old vehicle. Visit our website to learn more.

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